We have just launched “SOUNDCASE”

We completed our web platform at last!

The time was come that we will help dreamers of music.

We will strive to solve music bands!

Please check us out!

The website “SOUNDCASE” is below.


4/11 Sake Party in London

We held a sake party in London on April 1st.

Thank you for participants.


Of our event on March 24th.

We held a Japanese Sake Party, and release our exporting brand “Hakuseki”.

And we did Sake mixing contest.







The Challengers

left: Alexsander center: Shavin light: Joseph







They made amazing Sake cocktails.

Those taste so good.







above; Judges

Thank you everyone!

And we will hold a party on April 1st!

We are lokking forward to meeting you, everyone!




The story “The daughter of Saikyo”

We uploaded the 2nd movie of Japanese Classics.

You can watch in English subtitle.

Please check it!



A first Japanese classics Movie “Konoyawoba” featured by “Okagami”


We made a first Japanese classics movie.

That is derived from “Okagami” about 1,000 years ago.

The story featured a character of “Michinaga Fujiwara” who became to govern the old Japan as a kind of emperor.

It describes his mentality.

Please check it!


Recording of videos.

We recorded their voices for our Japanese classics video contents.

I am interested in their own personal potential powers and talents.

Every voice actress has their own characters which is so different from their usual attitudes.

I am excited to hold a promotional event on 25th February.

Please come to this event!


written by Daiki Suzuki.

Roasted Beef Ramen made me surprised!

The Ramen restaurant exists in Takadanobaba, Tokyo.


The name made me imagine a kind of Buddism silent.

The ramen is splendid.

Creamy, the soup is good for health and beauty because of the natural chicken oil and the beef tastes nice!

At least, this dish would rank in one of my top 3 Ramens.

I do not usually walk in Takadanobaba city.

But this taste make me feel like to walk in this city.


written by Daiki Suzuki.

Our brand “Hakuseki” launch party in London

London party promotion 1

On March 24th and April 1st of 2018, we will hold our launch party in London.

This is our first launch event as a host.

The participants can taste and drink Japanese Sake.

So, if you are interested in Japanese Sake, please join and contact with us.

Even if you cannot drink alcohol, we will try to entertain you by our contents, talks or information.

We are looking forward to meeting you, guys!


Daiki Suzuki


Of a board game “Shimpei”

This board game is called as “Shimpei”.

It seems a typical Japanese name.

And the game’s content is so simple that we can easily understand this is aim at a line of three pieces.

But the game is all the more interesting.


<The game field seems narrow but wide in fact>

The game has 25 boxes with 4×2 pieces, in addition, both 16 upside boxes and 9 down boxes.

If you can hold a opponent’s piece between your two pieces, you can put the piece on anywhere.

You can win if you make a line of 3 pieces, even if on upside boxes and down boxes.


<the tactics are difficult to notice>

Pieces which are held between opponent’s pieces will be let go off to another place.

And the pieces will be moved to upside and down obliquely.

You must interrupt the opponent’s winning clear and aim at your winning.


<The design is cute and simple>

The whole game design is simple and cute.

It looks like German architect design “Bauhaus”.


The game is totally simple.

But the content is so deep.

Please try it.


written by Yuta Sekiguchi




Valentine Sales


We are on going “discount sale” on Japanese Amazon.

The discount is adapted for Austrian Coffee beans and chocolate.

Do not miss it!