Of Brexit, the reason why I support

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The latest news of England make us notice “he is serious”.

In the United Kingdom, the prime minister Boris Johnson October 17th agreed the new Brexit deal with EU.

This situation seems to be within European Union’s expectation. Especially Germany hope not to talk again any more.

However, this agreement was not in the country. On 19th October, the parliament stopped his arbitrary in the due process.

After all, he revised the new Brexit deal plan.

So why did he fasten the Brexit deal?

Please check this link if you know the detail.


We will hold Art X Entertainment exhibition “Scandal itself is fantasy” by Daiki Suzuki featuring Nayu Kakeya

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If you want to gaze at Japanese art history or typical Japanese art, you can enjoy these.

If you want to listen to the classic concert or detective stories in the art exhibition, you can also enjoy them.

Main art creator; Daiki Suzuki

Born in 1990. 2015, University of Amsterdam, ACTL winter European Tax Law Course. Now, MBA student of Hosei University. Specialist of data science, cartoon painter, installation and art curation. He is an entrepreneur as a fonder of Glover Transship Co., Ltd.

Artist and creator; Nayu Kakeya

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Specialities; Modern art. She is called as an item creator of RPG games.

Produced by Glover Transship.

Glover Transship

Supported by Artivive.



Hottest Bands Now – umbrella (Japan)

Japanese music culture

Hottest Bands Now – umbrella (Japan)

Now that you have some idea of what the Visual-kei scene is from the previous issue here, you’re probably wondering which bands to check out first. Since it wouldn’t be too hard to find out more on the more popular bands, let us introduce you to the upcoming bands that need the most support now.


umbrella is a four-piece band based in the Kansai region, formed in March 2010. Members are Hal (bass), Yui (vocals/guitar), Sho (drums), and Shu (guitar) from left to right, and the music they make are sentimental but not just melancholic, as if it is sympathizing with those unexplainable feelings, matching their catchphrase “an umbrella over your heart”. Yet, this does not mean that all of their songs are ballads; they also have upbeat music with more punk-like lyrics, that make you want to bang your head to.


As a big fan of this band, there are a lot of songs I would recommend you to listen to if not all of them, but if I had to pick just one, it would be “Kuda”, from their sixth single of the same name. Like almost all of their songs, this was written by Yui, but he mentions this song as one of his most favourites. The word “Kuda” literally means “tube” or “pipe” in Japanese, which he uses to symbolize the vital connections in life, which is the theme of the lyrics of this song. I usually favour the more upbeat songs, but the steady, heartbeat-like rhythms of Hal and Sho’s bass and drums, Shu’s weeping guitar sounds, and Yui’s warm and soothing voice and lyrics made me fall in love with it. It’s like it is giving you the kind and gentle hug when you need it the most, and it becomes even more emotional when you listen it live at their gigs.


They released their first full album “Darwin” in May this year, and have successfully ended their tour around Japan in July and also played in Canada for the J-Music Festival held in August. They still have many shows coming up later this year, so check out their website for more information.


Website: https://xxumbrellaxx.com/


What is next age of music?


What is a future of music?

Nowadays, IT technologies have been growing up rapidly. The CDs, tapes, videos are about to being gone in the decade.

As well, it seems to be less opportunity of talking with friends about music. Everyone gaze at screens, without sharing and doing acts for going to live with their friends. However, I think if it is a kind of wrong direction or not. it is focusing on individual too much.

Music is Human’s works.

Music is based on social activity, always.

Even if you listen to music by yourself,

the songs were made by artists.

It has the system which the makers send music to audience and audience react.

So, however the apps and technologies were progressed, whatever those are, the principal of music would not be changed.

Our long history of music proved that.

That is what music is all about.

written by Daiki Suzuki