Nirvana Tribute: SEXO

Nirvana Tribute: SEXO

The 90s as a decade has some of the best music. The music in the era has influenced many people to pick up an instrument. One of these influential icons is the band Nirvana, despite releasing only 3 studio albums in their 7 year career. Following the death of their vocalist, Kurt Cobain, the band maintains their popularity and continues to influence more musicians.
Now in the present day, many bands started out their career with covers of Nirvana. From pros to amateurs, most of them are influenced by their music to drive them to make a band or just to pick up an instrument in general. Because of that, we see many Nirvana tribute bands or many bands that are influenced by their music plays Nirvana.
Japan shares the same amount of influence from Nirvana. Japan has a lot of musicians influenced by Nirvana. One of them is the underground band known as SEXO.
SEXO started out as a project to play for fun in an event in Ruby Room Shibuya that holds a 90s event. Consisted of Josh on the vocals, Eric on the guitar, Pavel on bass, and me Rizki on drums. We debuted at the event with just one practice in the studio. We played not just Nirvana songs, but most of the popular 90s grunge songs too.

What started out as a “just-for-fun” project, became serious. We played in more events. From 90s events to more general-themed events. We play in most event from AMP in Shibuya Nob. In there, we changed our setlist to mostly consists of Nirvana songs such as Breed, In Bloom, and Territorial Pissing. We played following the 1992 Nirvana live in Reading. From there, we sort of find ourselves as a Nirvana Tribute band. We played other 2 songs not from Nirvana but also from bands that are influenced by them at the next show, but we still consider ourselves as a Nirvana Tribute bands.
SEXO Playing “come as you are”
Our next event will be on September 1st. We will be opening the event from AMP again at Shibuya Nob called Creep Fest. Creep Fest is one of the biggest underground events of the year. The event will be joined by many underground bands from Tokyo which includes: Sabotage, Urchin Pace, Midnight Snakes, Creep Down and many more. The event starts at 13.00 until 01.00, 1000 Yen for entry. SEXO will play many Nirvana songs and other songs from bands that are inspired by Nirvana and bands who inspired them.

Written by Rizki Alia

【海外ライブ会場特集】第2回 Hope and Anchor(イギリス)

第1回に引き続き今回もイギリス・ロンドンにあるパブをご紹介します。前回の記事でご紹介したThe Dublin Castleはブリットポップの発展に大きく貢献しましたが、今回ご紹介するHope and Anchorはパンクロックが発展した場所として有名です。

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1880年にオープンし、1970年代以降はパブロックやパンクロックシーンを盛り上げてきました。The Clash、The Police、Ramones、U2などのパンクのビッグネーム達もここでライブをしたことがある他、様々なバンドのPV撮影や、かつてはアルバムなどのレコーディングも行われていたことで知られています。パンクが特に盛んだった70年代後半頃のHope and Anchorの地下ライブ会場は清掃が行き届いているとは言い難く、空調も機能しておらず、ライブをするのにとても良い環境とは言えない場所でしたが、逆にこれがパンクのアナーキーな雰囲気に合っていると言われていたそうです。

現在のHope and Anchorは地下の80名収容可能なライブ会場と1階のバーとしての営業以外にも、2013年から2階で最大収容人数50名の劇場も運営しています。音楽はもちろんのこと、これから演劇の世界で活躍していく演出家や脚本家、役者の応援もしている、エンターテインメントの発展にかかせない場所になっています。

今のパンクロックシーンを楽しみたい方も、完全新作から名作演劇まで楽しみたい方も、是非Hope and Anchorまで足を運んでみては?

Hope and Anchor
住所:207 Upper Street, Islington, London

Written by Mika Uchibori

Don’t sleep on these underrated Japanese film music.

Music plays an essential role in films
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A soundtrack has the power to dramatize the film and it significantly affects how a scene is perceived, and the emotional reaction of the audience. So it is easy to think that much thought is brought into the soundtrack in filmmaking.

When it comes to soundtracks of Japanese films, the main theme of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is noteworthy. The film is a joint production among Japan, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and the famous main theme is created by Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of the most internationally accredited Japanese musician. The melancholic and beautiful sound has become iconic, but what other music do the Japanese film industry offer?

Generally speaking, it is common for blockbusters in Japan to have a main theme composed and performed by popular J-pop and J-rock artists. The main theme of Your Name. by Makoto Shinkawa, a film that ranks fourth in the revenue rankings of Japanese films, was created by RADWIMPS, a popular Japanese indie rock band. The Moon and a Cabbage, a film by Tetsuo Shinohara has Masayoshi Yamazaki, a successful singer songwriter as the actor olaying the role of the protagonist and the singer/composer of the main theme. It is also common for idol groups like Arashi (a popular boy band that performs the main theme of Boys over Flowers) to perform the main theme of films. Many Studio Ghibli films have main themes created by acknowledged artists like Yumi Matsutoya and Ayaka Hirahara. However, Joe Hisaishi, the beloved composer of Studio Ghibli is behind most of the main themes of Ghibli films.

It might come to you as a surprise that the films that have main themes that become successful as individual songs, and appeal to the young audience are rarely awarded in the Japan Academy Awards. Some of the artists that have receive this award numerous times are Suo Yoshikazu, Shinichiro Ikebe, Keiichi Suzuki, Masaru Sato, Toru Takemitsu, and Joe Hisaishi. Although their works are highly praised, they are not necessarily phenomenons of the pop culture, so it’s easy for the general audience to miss these masterminds in charge of the soundtracks.


SplitShire / Pixabay

Furthermore, there are plenty of other underappreciated film music makers that do not catch the light. One notable underrated artist I recommend is Tenmon, who is a musician that often creates soundtracks for video games and anime. He has worked with Makoto Shinkawa, the rising director of anime films, and I believe that the soundtracks that Tenmon created for his earlier works, should be appreciated more considering the success of Your Name. and its soundtrack by RADWIMPS that took over Japanese pop culture. The profound soundtracks that Tenmon creates are very silent but powerful, and Shinkwa’s earlier films are not complete without them.

There are hidden gems in the deep ocean of Japanese film soundtracks. You might get caught up with the plot of the film, but remember that the film music is what guides you into the world that unfolds in the film.

SplitShire / Pixabay

Written by Sion Lee

Music is music.

Who cares for criticizes?

Sometimes we see the situation people fail in performing and playing instruments of music.

At that time, the persons can feel disappointed at themselves.

Some may give up playing music forever.

However, Can you understand that truly?

It is natural people make mistook.

Sometimes persons may criticize with you.

But…Who cares?

Please carry on chasing your dream until you are satisfied.

Music is music.

It is not important for Good or Bad.

If you like music, please enjoy music with your confident.


Daiki Suzuki


Music Venues in Japan – Part 2:

Tachikawa BABEL

Shinjuku, Shibuya, or the other busy cities aren’t the only places where many aspiring bands build their career. Tachikawa BABEL, located in the outskirts of Tokyo, has supported the growth of many musicians and genres, and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

​Since they opened on August 31st, 2008, Tachikawa BABEL is open to any band of any kind of genre: pop, metal, progressive, anything you can name. Many bands from all over Japan, and sometimes even from outside Japan, come to play covers of their favorite bands or their own songs every night. You will usually see 5 or 6 of them perform each night, and an audience of about 100 people makes the place looks good. Yet, some of the more famous bands had much larger crowds, like when Akai Ko-en had the whole night for themselves and performed to 350 people, and Maximum The Hormone filling the place with 450 people, which is the largest crowd Tachikawa BABEL had so far.

​Some of the bands based here and currently gaining popularity include militarysniperpinfall, ulma sound junction, and aikure. militarysniperpinfall is a four piece hardcore band, and has just released their 2nd studio album “tening”. ulma sound junction is one of the few four piece progressive metal bands in Japan. aikure is a three piece rock band with a female singer, and has attracted 200 people to their gig at Tachikawa BABEL when they released their first E.P.. Make sure you check out their music on their website and their YouTube channel, and go see them live!

​There are many more bands growing their fan bases in live houses all over Japan. Check out our upcoming issues to see which live houses and bands to keep an eye on next!

Tachikawa BABEL
Address: Daiichi Toushin Bldg. B1 1-3-18 Nishikicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo
Tel: 042-595-9020
Fax: 042-595-9021

ulma sound junction:

written by Mika Uchibori

What we solve the difficulties of musicians.

What you will do in the young time…
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Time is never come back.
It goes by.
Your young time left your memory forever as the most glittered time of your life if you enjoy the time.
Your life to try is limited. For instance, if you married someone and got babies, your activity would be limited, surely. Trial will form what you are or the way you are. However, the available time is too short. If the time is limited, why won’t you try what you want.
One of the reason is derived from the shortage of money. Young people do usually not have so much money. However, they want to try something more than older.
So, we will firstly solve the problem. If the shortage of money does not let young people try and the chance to perform music on stage, it is rediculaous .
written by Daiki & Rizki.

Chvrches is for me…

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You will be attracted

One of the most attractive points of this band is the vocal ‘s clear voice. Her voice is clear, soft and also powerful. In addition to that the great performance by Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Synth pop music was popular in the 1980s, but Chvrches is popular among a lot of younger people with easy-to-accept melody. If you have never listened to band music, this band is reccomended. The songs are played by slow tempo and same phrases are repeated in many of songs. These songs give you strong impesstion, then, you might hum unintentionally.
In almost all cases the lyrics they make express the emotion against the problems of the sosiety such as discrimination problem or political problem etc. Their songs are not just like pop songs. Against pop melody, the lyrics express like the part of light side and dark side. Melody do not have to match with lyrics.

My recommendation songs of latest album


What I want to focus on latest album is the sensational title and lyrics. The title of the album “Love Is Dead” is pertty much defferent from the image of love for many people. If you hear love, you probably come up with peace, kindness, friends, family or lover. But this album intends love might disappoint or destroy you. And also subjectively this title expresses the questions or counterarguments for common sence, stereotype or the problems around the world. In fact, in the current interview, they told their songs have been written based on the felling of sadness or disappointment against reality.

One of the recommended songs “Miracle” is included in the new album and this song seems looking for an invisable goal and fighting between ideal and real. The song becomes exciting as it goes to the end. You will be attracted by her voice in 5 seconds,.
Anoter song “Never Say Die” which is also included in the same album is sung with a pop melody, but the lyrics are contrastive. The same phrase “Never Say Die” is repeated many times in this song. This song gives a strong impression on you.

So what I want to say is…

You should listen this remarkable band’s songs once if you are interested in, then this band will probably inspire you or rather makes you fell adicted to listening to band music!!


Written by Haruka Momose

Karaoke culture

Check Your List of Things To Do in Japan – Is Karaoke on There?
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These are some of the typical Japanese stereotypes; people are always polite, hard-working, and tend to hide their emotions. But obviously these aren’t always true, and you might be surprised when you see a Japanese person singing their heart out in front of his/her peer – in a karaoke box.

Pexels / Pixabay

Karaoke, a culture that originates in Japan, is now popular across borders. The term karaoke comes from the word kara, which means empty or vacant in Japanese, and the English word orchestra. It used to be a term that describes a pre-recorded tape of a band/orchestra, and today it is known as the culture or activity of singing over an instrumental tune, in a private box.


lincerta / Pixabay

The Karaoke culture was not always in the form that it is in today. People used to sing at bars and restaurants while having a meal, or more often while drinking. The act of singing was not the main purpose here, and more of a way to lighten up the mood. The Karaoke box known today became popular during the 80s, and this was a big turn for the culture since in the karaoke box, you sing, and that is most likely to be your sole purpose to go there. Hence, the introduction of karaoke boxes spread the culture to youths and teenagers, as it had fewer ties with alcohol.


cegoh / Pixabay

Although karaoke is still a common way for people to socialize and have fun with their friends, families, and co-workers, a growing number of people go to karaoke alone. This is called hitokara (short for hitori-karaoke meaning alone karaoke), and the activity is also recognized as a way to release stress or just to embrace your alone time. Some people stay up all night in karaoke boxes to sing. You might be thinking how sad that is. But many enjoy how liberating this experience is, and you should have it a go while you’re staying in Japan. Heading there with a crowd is also going to be exciting.

The Karaoke culture also plays a significant role in the music industry. There is even a music chart that ranks the songs that are most played in karaoke boxes. The interesting fact here is that this does not at all reflect other pop music charts. Although some new pop songs do rank high, it’s very common for the main theme of a movie or a song released several years back to be on the top, and many of them manage to stay there.

Now that you have read this, go add ‘karaoke’ to your list of things to do in Japan. It’s ok if you don’t know any Japanese songs because you can also choose songs in other languages, and there are quite a variety of them. It’s also a good place to go if you happen to make friends in Japan since music is a universal language!


written by Sion


The reason of Music media we will start

When we were in Dublin, Ireland, we entered in the temple bar. The bar place was fantastic and unique. Most of customers were singing or dancing  in the place with drinking beers. It was like a zanadoo in Dubinsky. However, we thought we could not enjoy the place much or had room of enjoying more. It was why we did not know half of music the musicians played. At that time, we noticed Japanese music culture is too domestic. And we hope it would be lovely if the music cultural communication between Japanese and the other countries went more active. So, we decided to  provide the music media.


written by Daiki Suzuki

Music Venues in Japan – Part 1: How people in Japan enjoy gigs

How people in Japan enjoy gigs
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Like any other place in the world, people in Japan enjoy live music in both large and small venues. Yet, it seems like there are quite a number of differences between how they enjoy indie gigs in Japan and in western countries.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Many artists start their career in small venues built in bars, where people enjoy the music while they have some drinks and socialize, but in Japan, people are mainly here only for the performance. The venues, called live houses in Japan, are made especially for playing music, so they don’t have the bars like they do in other countries, but they do have far better audio equipment. When people in Japan want to chat and drink, they usually go to izakayas, which are Japanese style pubs. Therefore because people at the live houses are seriously here for the music, it is a bit harder to more casually come in for a drink and listen. Yet, at the same time, they don’t check your ID, so it is fairly more open to minors who also want to see the band play.

lincerta / Pixabay

Due to these differences, money becomes another issue for both the audience and the players. Even for the cheapest tickets, it would cost about 2000~3000 yen ($18~27), and you would also need to pay another 500~600 yen ($5) at the door for one drink. The players would also need to pay quite an amount to rent the venue, and added to that they need to sell a certain number of tickets to earn money from their shows. This system economically impacts both the audience and the band, but it is also inevitable for the venue to pay for their rent (which is not cheap, especially in the crowded urban areas), wages for their employees, and maintenance for the equipment. Although the prices are much higher than what you would expect in western countries, the audience is happy with the high quality sounds and the exclusive experience.


Despite the differences, the fact that people want to enjoy the music they love, and that even the most famous artists start off their career from these small venues and perform on bigger stages as their fan base grows are universal. The up coming issues will be featuring these live houses in Japan one by one.

written  by Mika Uchibori