What is next age of music?

What is a future of music?

Nowadays, IT technologies have been growing up rapidly. The CDs, tapes, videos are about to being gone in the decade.

As well, it seems to be less opportunity of talking with friends about music. Everyone gaze at screens, without sharing and doing acts for going to live with their friends. However, I think if it is a kind of wrong direction or not. it is focusing on individual too much.

Music is Human’s works.

Music is based on social activity, always.

Even if you listen to music by yourself,

the songs were made by artists.

It has the system which the makers send music to audience and audience react.

So, however the apps and technologies were progressed, whatever those are, the principal of music would not be changed.

Our long history of music proved that.

That is what music is all about.

written by Daiki Suzuki

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