Nothing But Thieves is going on third year from their debut.

Nothing But Thieves is going on third year from their debut.


It will be 3 years since they releaced their debut album “Nothing But Thirves” October, 2015. The album appered on the Official UK chart at No. 7, hit a peak at No. 3 on iTunes and was No.1 on the vinyl album charts. Especially their single “Trip Switch” got a number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart, and gathered more than 26 million plays on Spotify. Also their “Ban All The Music” tour of the UK in October, 2015 was sold-out.

In September, 2017, their second alubum “Broken Machine” was releced with high anticipation. “Amsterdam” and “sorry” were particurally recommended.
Amsterdam: It is a frustrating song. The song starts with high tempo and from bridge to chorus, you can feel your heart beating. You will never forget when you listen this song once. Amsterdam is a place which they can be relaxed and when they want relief, they come back to it.
Sorry: In contract, “Sorry” is dark and hopeless. The song is about dealing with the problems and flaws for getting older. At the biginning of the song, there are only voice and guiter’s sound. Then to the end of it, the song gets melodic climax added drum sound.

World Tour will start soon
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In addition, there is no end to their popularity.
They are going off on world tour in August 2018. First place is to be in Brazil. Subsequently they are goig to travel in South America, United States, Canada and Europe.

Who They Are

The band “Nothing But Thieves” was formed in 2012 by five pieces of Southend-on-Sea in Essex. The band consists of singer Conor Mason, guitarists Joe Langridge-Brown and Dominic Craik, drummer James Price, and bass player Philip Blake.
Their songs are writen by Conor (singer) and Joe (guitarist) basically. It takes a few hours to weeks to write one song which is influenced by eange of music such as Twin Alantic, Led Zep and Foo Fighters. And also Jazz singers which conor loves.

The Story for the Band Name

Before having this name, they came up with other metal name. For example, Number One Elephant, Hammer Gods, Maggot Death… However the story of this unique band name “Nothing But Thieves” is not ovious. In Japanese interview, they told “Long time ago, Joe had worked at the pizza delivery with a friend and his friend thrieved toppings from pizza! Then Conor said ‘he was Nothing but thieves!!’”. Actually this is one of their stories and not true. They have some more. Their unique character is probably a reason why they are popular and attract a lot of fans as well.

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