9VI -Part 1-

Today we interviewed to a Boyholic style host club in Nakano, Tokyo. They looks like visual rock band members. Why do they choose the style? We will try to chase the truth this Boyholic aims.

What is Boyholic style?
Boyholic style means ladies behave as cool boys, wearing boy clothes and wicks. It is just a kind of style. Not so deep problem they have. They want to be looks of boys, only. So, they like both boys and girls. The boyish style is seen as wired, sometimes, in Japan. The conservertive people do not admit the progressive and expell us to pretend as ordinary. It is usual. However, “why aren’t we prohibit trying something, wearing boyish style all day long?” This club vice owner said. “We will provide the place of wearing boyish style all day long with the staffs and found this place.”

Why does the style similar to the visual rock bands?
“The Boyholic is demanded by young ladies and some boys. However, now most of our clients are composed of young ladies (most of 20s). The most of the guests like the style of visual rock band.” The owner “Nano” said. It is something relationship between Boyholic style template and visual rock bands. The two segment of guest are exactly piled, it seems.

Why does the style similar to the visual rock bands?
“We will aim for the Japanese image. One of the recommended menu is Matcha. We will intend to mix the images up, between Japanese and Boyholic.” When we headed the reply, we asked them if they intended to invite foreigners or not. However, the answer is “No”. “We can’t speak English. This place is talkative place. So, if foreigners come to our club, we would be upset.”

Daiki Suzuki

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