Promising young band “Anteros” has just released new single “Call your mother”


Anteros which is an indie pop band has just shared their new single “Call your mother” in August, 2018. This comes after the release of  many EPs starting with “Anteros” in 2015.

Anteros is

The band was formed by Laura Hayden (vocal and lyricist), Joshua Rumble (bass), Charles Monneraud (guitar) and Harry Balazs (drums) in London in 2014.

Anteros is a sharp guitar pop band which they call “bitter dream pop”. Before forming this band, Laura was a former MTV Spain presenter and occasional DJ, Rumble did graphic design, Charles Monneraud used to work at McDonald’s, and Drummer Harry Balazs was a consultant sound engineer for Iranian weddings.

Band history

Laura Hayden decided to move out to London because of the high level of production and songwriting there. When she realised that she wanted to start a band she quit her job and started singing as a member of the band “Asteros”. Everyone told her she was crazy because she had already worked and presented for MTV. But the band turned her life upside down.

Since they formed Anteros in 2014, Anteros’s EPs have done well which has also helped increase the bands popularity. The few years they spent touring soon lead them to their debut album release. They had a performance for opening of Other Stage at the Glastonbury Festival held in 2017. They caught lots of attention from the media and the public. Their new song “Call Your Mother” has just been released in August in 2018. Additionally, Anteros announced a UK tour for October. Here are the dates:


10 Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

11 London The Garage

12 Bristol Rough Trade

14 Manchester Soup Kitchen

15 Glasgow King Tut’s

16 Leeds The Wardrobe

17 Nottingham Rough Trade

Anteros will

Make you feel wanna dance

Anteros has their own worldview and their unique PV with addictive vocal’s shows it. Their PVs, songs, and rhythm can even give you a feeling of familiarity. Their music “Bitter dream pop,” which is free-spirited and unconventional makes people want to listen over and over again. Anteros hopes their music will bring up peoples spirits and maybe even cause them to dance.

written by Haruka Momose

editor: Eric Lundberg

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