What we solve the difficulties of musicians.

What you will do in the young time…
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Time is never come back.
It goes by.
Your young time left your memory forever as the most glittered time of your life if you enjoy the time.
Your life to try is limited. For instance, if you married someone and got babies, your activity would be limited, surely. Trial will form what you are or the way you are. However, the available time is too short. If the time is limited, why won’t you try what you want.
One of the reason is derived from the shortage of money. Young people do usually not have so much money. However, they want to try something more than older.
So, we will firstly solve the problem. If the shortage of money does not let young people try and the chance to perform music on stage, it is rediculaous .
written by Daiki & Rizki.

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