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One of the most attractive points of this band is the vocal ‘s clear voice. Her voice is clear, soft and also powerful. In addition to that the great performance by Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Synth pop music was popular in the 1980s, but Chvrches is popular among a lot of younger people with easy-to-accept melody. If you have never listened to band music, this band is reccomended. The songs are played by slow tempo and same phrases are repeated in many of songs. These songs give you strong impesstion, then, you might hum unintentionally.
In almost all cases the lyrics they make express the emotion against the problems of the sosiety such as discrimination problem or political problem etc. Their songs are not just like pop songs. Against pop melody, the lyrics express like the part of light side and dark side. Melody do not have to match with lyrics.

My recommendation songs of latest album


What I want to focus on latest album is the sensational title and lyrics. The title of the album “Love Is Dead” is pertty much defferent from the image of love for many people. If you hear love, you probably come up with peace, kindness, friends, family or lover. But this album intends love might disappoint or destroy you. And also subjectively this title expresses the questions or counterarguments for common sence, stereotype or the problems around the world. In fact, in the current interview, they told their songs have been written based on the felling of sadness or disappointment against reality.

One of the recommended songs “Miracle” is included in the new album and this song seems looking for an invisable goal and fighting between ideal and real. The song becomes exciting as it goes to the end. You will be attracted by her voice in 5 seconds,.
Anoter song “Never Say Die” which is also included in the same album is sung with a pop melody, but the lyrics are contrastive. The same phrase “Never Say Die” is repeated many times in this song. This song gives a strong impression on you.

So what I want to say is…

You should listen this remarkable band’s songs once if you are interested in, then this band will probably inspire you or rather makes you fell adicted to listening to band music!!


Written by Haruka Momose

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