Of a board game “Shimpei”

This board game is called as “Shimpei”.

It seems a typical Japanese name.

And the game’s content is so simple that we can easily understand this is aim at a line of three pieces.

But the game is all the more interesting.


<The game field seems narrow but wide in fact>

The game has 25 boxes with 4×2 pieces, in addition, both 16 upside boxes and 9 down boxes.

If you can hold a opponent’s piece between your two pieces, you can put the piece on anywhere.

You can win if you make a line of 3 pieces, even if on upside boxes and down boxes.


<the tactics are difficult to notice>

Pieces which are held between opponent’s pieces will be let go off to another place.

And the pieces will be moved to upside and down obliquely.

You must interrupt the opponent’s winning clear and aim at your winning.


<The design is cute and simple>

The whole game design is simple and cute.

It looks like German architect design “Bauhaus”.


The game is totally simple.

But the content is so deep.

Please try it.


written by Yuta Sekiguchi




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