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Our Cloud-Funding Project was pledged

Our project “making videos of Japanese old stories and enlightening Japanese classics” was pledged on Japanese cloud funding “Kibidango”.

This project’s aim was to attract to people including Japanese.

Often my friends who live in foreign countries says “Japanese market is especially difficult to understand, because the culture is so different from the other countries and Japanese negotiation is unclear how to go.

I think nationality is derived from their histories.

Grim brothers are professors of law but they edited “Grimms Märchen”.


This is why they analyzed German nationality to make their law.

If so, we will show people what Japanese is, to remake and make Japanese classics easy.

Even Japanese do not know and understand most of Japanese classics stories.

So, we will make people be attention to Japanese classics which tell us what Japanese are.

Now we pledged.

Then, we will make videos and spread that to all over the world.

Please stay tune.


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