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米国アマゾン( below

1, Handmade organic cotton teddy bears and stuffed animals

( hand-made kit and finished products)

Maker: Nukugumi-kobo studio.

Organic Cotton Teddy Bear White
Stuffed Toy Rabbit White
Kit Set Image

Releasing in October

And also new colors will come soon.


will be sold in the USA, UK and Canada “ , and”

and Singapore “Qoo10”


2, Iwate Nambu ironware “Nambu Tekki”

( especially focusing on artist’s and luxury works )

“Nambugata Arare 0.4L” made by the artist Shiro Iwato

Authentic Japanese Tea & Sake Pot

Will be exhibited on the Japanese Embassy in Switzerland

“Maromi Silver 0.5L” made by the corporation Oitomi

Authentic Japanese Tea & Sake Pot


will be sold in the USA, UK and Canada “Amazon and eBay”

and Singapore “Qoo10”


3, Famous artist’s paper crafts

4, Japanese traditional gold works

5, Japanese traditional wood products

6,Japanese traditional Japanese urushi lacquer product  “Shikki”

7,Japanese Sake “Nihonshu” will release from February in 2018


And the other Japanese traditional products